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    NewmeUp International is a product of passion between T-shirts and Manga. Our team started as a group of friends from VietNam, U.S.A. who all shared an interest in Japanese culture. We would watch cartoon, anime, comic and anime together. In the progress, we encountered many moments that have left deep impacts on us but we could not find a way to express them. After brain storming sessions, Ryker William came to an epiphany to our problems, “T-shirts” - a piece of clothing that is not only easy to wear but also a way to express oneself. Ryker William started this company with a dream that every person has the ability to express their individuality through design.
    During our journey, we have grown and accommodated more than just manga and comic. We believe that there is a t-shirt for everyone. From our first printed t-shirts in our garage, we now have over 200 designs across a range of products.